How do we Agree to Disagree and still get along?

There’s a storm-a-brewing!  There is a question that plagues our society. We see this on social media, the internet, and in homes…as it relates to when we should open up our country again economically. There are two camps to this issue: Those that believe science prevails and the health of people is more important than […]

Go Back To Your Why

Go Back! One of the first exercises Tara and I have couples do is to write down the things they love about their spouse. We have them write them on their bathroom mirror, the refrigerator or somewhere they can REMIND themselves as to the WHY they married each other.  The reason is that when things […]

5 Steps to Change an Argument into a Conversation.

Have you ever wanted a magic wand that you could wave over your argument with your spouse and magically you both would be staring into each others eyes having a deep meaningful conversation?   Well, I’ve googled it and it doesn’t exist, lol. But, there is good news! These 5 easy to follow actions are the […]