Ways You Can Take Your Marriage From Good to Great

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Revolution Course

99% of all relationship problems will be solved through the information taught in this course The power to transform your marriage is just a click away.It will revolutionize the way you communicate forever!

Mentorship & Coaching

We could all use more accountability to stay on track. Some challenges require more in-depth understanding and customized strategies just for you...You don't have to go it alone. Let's do this together!

"Chris and Tara have been instrumental in helping us develop a great marriage. We knew we needed the influence of a couple that has successfully navigated marriage for decades. They are amazing role models and have taught us how to truly love through the hard times. If you are thinking you would like/need premarital coaching, We are here to tell you to make the decision to do it... 100%"
Missy & Levi Moser

It's finally here, what you've been waiting for...

The Marriage Revolution On-line Course.

Created for you and with you in mind. The information and strategies contained in this course have been tried and true for over 40 years and now it comes to you in a digital format for the very first time!

Hundreds of couples have paved the way for you to have access to the most Revolutionizing information on the planet! The content taught in this 8 module on-line course will change your marriage foreverGUARANTEED!

This is an interactive experience, learning and applying the blueprint as you go. We firmly believe that when we apply information we have learned immediately, we’ll get our desired results.

Information + Application = Transformation

You and your spouse will both get access to our proprietary personality assessment, this will reveal your unique awesomeness and show you how to join forces in a way that you never thought possible before now. This information, when applied, will bring so much clarity to your conversations that you will be in awe of just how easy and fun your marriage relationship can be. The opportunities for misunderstanding, hurt feelings and conflict will lessen and you will finally have the tools to build a happy and harmonious marriage. 

Many of the differences you’ve experienced in your relationship will be explained, you will know how to navigate those discussions with real tools. You may even laugh out loud at how simple your communication can be. 

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Fully customizable coaching when and where you need it the most

Whether you’ve been married for decades or you just got engaged, our private couples coaching has the power to repair or prepare your marriage. 

We start with the basics of taking you through our proprietary personality assessment to lay the ground work for your success. We will then draft a plan to get you from where you are to where you want to go. 

You will have such a clear understanding of yourself and your spouse that you will be able to almost predict each others responses. You will finally understand how you respond to stress, conflict, and decision making. Reduce the stress caused by conflict, misunderstanding and years of negative responding habits.

With Over 27 Years of marriage and 17 years of working with couples

Chris and Tara are uniquely qualified to coach you. You will have direct access to Chris and Tara to discuss your relationship and it’s unique qualities and challenges. 

This package is fully customizable to each couples needs and challenges. So apply below to get the ball moving in the right direction. 

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